Getting more infatuated with Ivy

In my earlier blog entries, I mentioned about this young cousin of my wife’s, Ivy, whom I’m physically attracted to. She is also one of the subjects I fantasize during my DIY.

Well.. I reckon my infatuation towards Ivy has gotten to a slightly uncomfortable level..

1) The anticipation of seeing her during my wife’s relatives’ monthly gatherings becomes something I look forward to. And when Ivy is not there, I get abit disappointed.

2) I realized I’m trying to reduce my gazes at her, unconsciously. Probably a ‘self-protect mechanism’ to prevent myself from getting more emotional involved.

3) I get abit jittery whenever Ivy chats up with me; something that only happened to me for those gals I had crush on in the past.

4) I find the way she walks increasingly seductive. Ivy always maintain a straight back while standing or walking, and this posture causes her breasts and butts to slightly arch up.. making it so difficult not to notice them..

Geez.. I better start exercise more self-restrain on my mind!

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