A weird dream about Liz

Had a weird dream last night.

Long story cut short; my wife’s cousin, Liz was giving me a shoulder massage. Nothing abnormal until towards the end, she suddenly leaned very close towards me, I could feel her boobs pressing against my back; soft & warm..

And then, Liz whispered into my ear, “I been waiting for so long..” Instantly I got a hard-on.


At that moment, I woke up, in bewilderment.

Liz may be just a 21yr-old lass and is neither fat nor ugly, but honestly, I wasn’t physically attracted to her. (I was more attracted to the other cousin, Ivy).
Thus I was surprised she came up as the subject in my erotic dream!
Well.. Not that I am complaining! 🙂

The dream was so livid that it took me quite a while to ‘shake it off’ and set my mind back to reality. I did not get wet though. Haha..

And coincidentally, me & my wife had afternoon tea with her cousins today. Throughout the session, I was constantly reminded of the dream whenever I look at Liz!

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