Coed changing/showering room

Posts from a ice hockey forum

I’m from Greensboro, NC (yeah, I know… big hockey town)and there is a locker room for females, but most just dress with the guys. We had this chick on our team who would be completely comfortable in a room full of dudes, but she never stripped down to anything other than bra and panties. She was hot too… reason why my now wife didn’t want me playing on her team. Women in the men’s locker room is a problem for the wives, I’ve never had any of my teammates complain. If you are married or have a girlfriend, trust me… your girl may not say anything, but she will hate the b*tch for dressing with you!


I do remember a tournament. Our goalie is a hot chick, and is really cool with everything. While preparing for a game, She wrapped a towel around her waist, and proceeded to take everything including her underwear off. Someone asked her what the hell she was doing. Her reply: ‘the underwear gives me a wedgy’. All of us guys’ jaws just dropped, and you noticed that EVERYONE saw her in a different light after that.


Wow.. I never thought that the changing/showering room in a hockey rink is co-ed in certain places!

For a lady to see her male teammates strip down to nakedness, would she feel abit offended if the boys have a full erection in front of her (ie harboring some dirty thoughts about her)?
Or would she actually feel kinda flattered that her presence ‘makes a difference’?

I suppose it would be more of the lady not giving a care, and most likely the guys are the ones whom are more uncomfortable.
I mean if the girl minds, she will not be changing with the men in the first place.

If I’m one of the guys, I probably won’t wanna flash my bits right in front of the girl out of respect. Back facing her and showing some butts is fine, methinks.

Walking around with a fully erected dick in a non-sexual scenario is embarrassing. Thus, I would be conscious to try not let that happen by distracting my own mind.
Yet, as guys, we all know this is not entirely within our control 😛
Esp in the presence of an attractive, almost naked (or stark naked) female!

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