Random stories – seeing someone naked accidentally

There was a time I went with a friend of mine to visit his older sister. We knocked on the door and heard, “come in, Chris”. What she had actually screamed was, “don’t come in, Chris”. We opened the door just in time to see her naked ass running out of the room. She had been giving her husband a hair cut, and I guess it was normal for them to do that naked.

Also got a very nice look at my neighbor’s boobs, which were on display due to a bikini top that was too loose. Eventually I told her that you could see them, as I figured that may be something she’d want to know, but not before getting a nice picture burned into my mind for “use” at a later time.


Only once really. When my GF and I went to Barcelona we stayed in a hostel. We were the only ones in our little “apartment”, but apparently some other people moved in when we were asleep and they didn’t know we were there either. I opened the door of the bedroom to go take a shower, and ran right into a girl who didn’t have any clothes on.


When I lived in Osnabrück, there was a woman who lived across from my boyfriend’s flat who used to clean the bathroom stark naked. Every week or so we’d see her bits wobbling around as she scrubbed what the room clean. I think she thought that noone could see her because the glass of the window was slightly frosted but really, it didn’t make any difference whatsoever..


Credits : toy town germany forum

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