Swimming with cousins

My sis-in-law booked a chalet for last Sat and all of my wife’s cousins arranged to go swimming that day.
The prospect of seeing my wife’s young, female cousins in their sexy bikinis excited me; esp. there is one of them whom I have always been fairly physically attracted to. =P
Let’s call her Ivy.

‘D-Day’ came. Weather was great. Me & my wife were one of the first few to hit the water.
We were enjoying a nice soak in the pool, when my wife suddenly called out “Hey Ivy! We are here!”
My heart immediately started to pound faster. I turned and looked.
There she was, walking towards us, clad in… shorts & sports bra!!

Cold as ice my heart turned. Who on earth wears that to swim?!?! -_-”
Not to mention, the shorts’ length was nearly till above-knee level..

I know that my wife’s 22yrs-old cousin is a rather conservative girl, and was expecting to see her in a one-piece swimsuit, probably those with a pseudo skirt attached, but certainly not this.
Seriously, how could the pool management allow such attire?? LOL…

Well, at least I can take console that her sports bra did a fantastic job in pushing up her boobs, and I was presented with nice views of her cleavage throughout the 30-min swim session. =)

Seeing that much of her chest was the first for me, as Ivy was always fully covered on the top during our relatives’ gatherings.
And I must say, her breasts complexion is flawless; no freckles, rashes… She should flaunt that assets more!
Never mind she is a B-cup; we all know size can be easily compensated with a good push-up bra. 😉

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