My first Oil Massage experience in Thailand

In our 2nd trip to Bangkok, we decided to try out the ‘Oil Massage’. Something for a change.

A staff handed us a big towel each and led me & my wife to different rooms.
As always for my past massages, I stripped down to my underwear, wrapped a towel around and laid on the bed facing down.

Minutes later my masseur, an average-built Thai lady in her late-30s, entered and we exchanged brief greetings.

After done with her preparation, the masseur unwrapped my towel, and commented: “no no… no clothes”. And before I could get up to ask anything, I felt a quick tug on my underwear and off it went in a swoosh!
Felt a tinge of coldness as my butts got exposed. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting an ‘oil massage’ to be a nude one and was caught off-guard.

Although this is not some erotic massage, the self-consciousness of being naked in front of a female, other than my wife, is enough to make my heart beat faster and of course, have an erection.

Having a hard-on in such a situation is definitely embarrassing but keeping the manhood ‘down’ is easier said than done.
Very soon, it gotten so hard that it was really uncomfortable as I was lying face-down; my body weighing down on it.

There were a couple of times when the masseur while massaging my inner thighs, had accidentally brushed her hand against my boner. Sorta electrifying I would say.

And there was once, she actually handled my penis! Held it in her hand and gently tugged it to one side, as my erected dick must have gotten in the way I suppose.
She even stroked it down my shaft slowly.. before releasing the grip. I wasn’t sure whether that stroking was necessary though but it did feel good, and sent a gush of warm blood to down there. Haha!


Then come the point which I need to flip over and lie down facing upwards. Man, no words can describe my embarrassment as I turned over and laid down, my penis now as hard as it can get and pointing some 50 degree upwards. I took a quick glance at my masseur and thought I saw a little-amused face. I wonder which amused her; my shyness (for having erected so much) or the look of my package.
Even though she later put the towel across my groin, the ‘tent’ was too obvious not to notice.

Yeah… so I was in this state of hard-on for quite some time. There were some points I did manage to get my mind over the nakedness and my dick turned flaccid, only to erect again as certain sensitive parts (thighs, waist, groin, butts) of my body got touched during the massage.
I can still remember the masseur giving me a sly smile after everything ended. Hah.

Interesting experience. I would definitely try Oil Massage again in my next trip to ‘the land of smiles’ (Thailand) =P

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