Went IRC today. It was even more barren compared to the last time I logged in months ago.
Tried my luck at Omegle instead. No lack of respondents but more than 95% are males.. Seems like there are many horny men like me out there ‘hunting’ at Omegle.
And I’m getting sick of being abruptly left in the cold by the other party disconnecting chat, upon the instant I replied my gender as ‘m’.
Well.. can’t blame them. Everybody (man) is just trying to be as efficient as they can. After all, getting a female on Omegle is a Number game.

Then after numerous unsuccessful chat sessions, finally some one decided to chat more.
omegleSeriously?? I ought to see this coming. LOL..

On a serious note, I see Omegle is going down on a dangerous spiral. As the ratio of (horny) males to females get more lob-sided, less gals will wanna log in. And eventually, all the guys got sick of not able to get what they seek.. and Omegle would be abandoned..
But at least, it would still go down in history as an application which facilitated the leak of thousands of naked pics/videos online! LMAO

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