Staying true to my writings

One of the best things about WordPress is its blog traffic tracking feature. I been monitoring the data closely for past 1 wk+. Most of the visitors whom found my site via search engine, used keywords “park nima”, “fbt shorts”.
When I started my blog, I wanted to maintain a good mix of ‘own personal articles’ and images/videos I would love to share with others. It seems however the latter is the major component that attracts more readers.

Well, I do come across a few blogs which the writer focus solely on own personal experiences; no pictures/videos of sexy gals etc, and still generate very high traffic. While their articles are mostly well-written indeed, I believe though, a plus point is these writers are females (assuming they are not men-in-disguise!). People generally prefer to hear sex stories from a person with boobs, than one with a dick right? LOL.

And on top of that, I do not have that many sex experiences to talk about, neither would I want to fabricate stories.

Anyway, I shall still keep to my practice of maintaining an even mix, and not simply posting ‘popular’ pictures just for the sake of increasing traffic. There are already too many sites which do that.
Feel free to share your comments. 🙂

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