The best down-blouse

downblouseThe BEST one I seen was that of my friend during my high school time.

We were sitting on the floor, having our KFC fried chicken. She was constantly bending over though out her meal, and I happened to be just seated directly opposite her. Her bra is just as loose as her spaghetti top, which means I actually got to see more of her boobs than ought to be covered by her bra had she wore the correct size. 😛

Flawless & well-toned complexion, just like above photo. I guess that was a given since she was only 15-16 years old then. At one point, I actually thought I caught a glimpse of her nipple!

Well.. I have to admit my view is biased in a certain sense cause I had a crush on her during high school. A down-blouse of this degree of exposure meant alot to a then-innocent teenage boy. LOL…

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