Thou shall lock the door

The plane has yet to take off and I thought it would be good to go to the toilet first. The door showed ‘Vacant’ so I pushed it open. Least to expect to see a person inside!

Was a Chinese gal in her early-20s, seemingly of average build. She was sitting on the toilet seat, her pants pulled down. And she gave an immediate short shriek when she saw me. I was taken aback and quickly closed back the door.

Did I see ‘anything’? She was wearing a lengthy sweater which covered a lot. The most I saw was just part of her thighs. Anyway everything happened too fast.

After closing the door, I stood by the asle waiting for my turn to use the loo. I looked away when the gal exited the toilet so as to save her from further embarrassment.

Nevertheless, an interesting encounter.

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