Shower room, no cubicles!

When I was a teenager, the male shower room in public swimming pool complexes do not have cubicles. More than 2/3 of the men shower naked.

I am a heterosexual but somehow back in my younger days, it excited me when people see me naked; probably that had to do with my age. Anyway an erected penis in clear view to others is definitely embarrassing, so I kept my trunks on while showering, at least most part of it.

Yet a part of me is exhibitionist. Towards the later part of the shower where I lather my nether area, I would go full Monty.
That includes drying myself in my birthday suit off course.

I would still end up erected somehow but the length of exposure time was much shorter, i.e; less embarrassment.


Then come one day which all the shower rooms are installed with cubicles (with doors). When it just started, some of the old guard still try to resist the imposed inhibitive by deliberately keeping their cubicles doors open, or coming out naked to dry & get dressed. Me inclusive.

Our numbers dwindled rapidly and eventually nobody does that anymore. I kept my bits hidden from outsider view as well, for I do not wish to be perceived as the solo perv who exhibits himself..
I still come out of the cubicle clad in underwear only cause I don’t want my pants to be wet by the floor.

I kinda miss the old days of non-inhibitive showering in a public place. And this has always been one of my favourite topic starters when I chat up with random gals online for notti stuffs.

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