1st time got seen naked by masseurs

Body Massages has always been one of the ‘must-do’ things in our list whenever we travel to Indonesia & Thailand, cause it is so much cheaper over there.

My 1st Body massage @ Bali, Indonesia                                                                                 It was a 2-hr spa package and had a large room to ourselves. Me and my girlfriend (now wife) were handed disposable underwear to change to. Since the disposable underwear was very thin and in white color, my patch of black pubic hair  was visibly obvious after putting it on. In fact, can see a blur outline of my penis too.

After the body massage, the masseurs (Indonesian ladies in their 20s) left us to shower. Half-way thru our shower, one of the ladies entered the room to prepare our bath. As the bath was diagonally located across the shower, and the shower screen being too small to provide adequate cover, she saw me naked. That was the first time I got seen naked by a masseur.

bali-activities-spa-and-massage* notice the small wooden shower screen in above pic? It is around that size…

After she left the room, we proceed to take a dip in the large tub. Not surprisingly me and my girlfriend started to fondle each other in the water and we lost track of time. After some time, one of the masseurs opened the door abit and popped her head in to remind us politely. That was the 2nd time my bits got seen.

Spa-Villa* similar to the above setup; a slight opening of the door is sufficient for people outside to have seen us naked in the bath-tub

Even though they have probably seen too many naked men in their course of work, it still does make me feel abit aroused by the fact of being seen naked by young ladies.

Another Body massage @ Bali, Indonesia                                                                               It was in our 2nd trip to Bali. The spa package includes a bath in a rectangular tub, size large enough for only 1 person. While I was relaxing myself in the tub, one of the masseurs came in to bring us tea. As I was lying facing up, my frontal was in clear view to her as she came beside me to put down my cup of tea. I can’t remember whether I erected that time.. If I did, it must have been damn obvious to her, cause the bath water was very clear and she being so up-close.

I tried to hide my uneasiness and thanked her. Think she appeared abit shy when I looked and spoke to her. She does look a newcomer to me, so I guess she haven’t really gotten immune to seeing naked men yet, which explains the shyness! Hahaha..

IMG_2838 * this is not me; and there weren’t any flowers then. =P

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