Police called in for underboob cosplay

Singapore had an anime convention (Anime Festival Asia) sometime in November. Being an anime fan, I have been attending every year since its inaugural event a few years back. One of the biggest pull factors of the convention is the sheer no. of cosplayers.

Apparently, a cosplayer whom dressed at the character Ryuko Matori, from anime Kill La Kill, displayed underboobs in her battle gear. A lady who was attending a church service in the same convention was offended by what she saw and confronted the young cosplayer. Things gotten abit ugly and police was called in.

Did the lady over-react? Afterall the cosplayer did not expose her nipples, thus not breaking any laws on public indecency. And what makes a underboob exposure any different from a cleavage, other than the fact it is ‘inverted’?? Hahaha…

I love under boobs & side boobs. Perhaps because cleavage is too mainstream. =P

Me was there the day earlier, and not when the incident happened.. so I missed out on this sexy cosplayer. Here are the photos gathered online

ku-xlarge8Q2kBIy124b8479-2861-44a6-b72d-f8c16664e4ed_630onlinescreengrab_hardwarezone_cosplayerku-xlarge (1)I must add her underboobs are really nice – very round and no signs of sagging. Maybe the auntie who complained was plain jealous. Hahaha

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