My 1st DIY

My first time happened when I was 16, which is pretty late come to think of it. It was past midnight and I was studying in my room.

Not sure how it happened but I started to fondle my bits. It was impromptu and I had no porn magazines or videos during that age. Can’t remember who I been thinking of during that time either.

The feeling was good.. and soon my **** got wet. The eventual cum, when it came, surprised me though. Didn’t know semen turned out to be some viscous, white, sticky substance.. and I sure shoot off quite far for my first cum. you see.. I was pretty innocent back then you know.. =P

Yea… and so started my adventure of self-exploration.

It would be interesting to note that for many years, I tried to restrict myself from fantasizing too often of my crushes.. cause I felt it is not nice to ‘taint’ them with my mind.. Hahaha..

DIY“Do you like to do-it-yourself?”

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