Friends having a dip together, naked

Being naked with a group of friends (inclusive of females of course!) has always been one of my wildest fantasies.

Yet even during my college & clubbing days when I was socially very active with friends of both genders, I never had the opportunity to be in such a scenario. Afterall, the Asian mentality is generally still quite conservative… Thus, I could only turn to online search for solace..

Here are some pics of friends having a dip together, naked!

DSCF3413-1 Jennifer-West1dscn2385tumblr_m7cqhwrAm91qe1hoqo1_1280ScenicHotSprings_7_28_2004_001

What a squeeze…. I won’t mind a gal pressing her boobs against my body, but the thought of an erected penis pressing against me?? Eww….

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