Which special power would you like to have?

If it is for doing naughty stuffs, I would choose ‘Invisibility’!
As a warm-up, I’ll go to the Polytechnics to feast on the upskirts of the 17-19 yrs old gals! Escalators, Lecture halls, you name it.
Then it is off to their swimming complex, straight to the female changing room and pick a few attractive gals to go into the same shower cubicles with. Keke..
I will only touch them abit so as not to give the babes a bad fright! LOL

A trip to Sentosa beach on a Saturday afternoon would be ideal for bikini galore; probably play pranks on them by pulling off their bikini while they are in the water or walking alone.
Nah, I would not be so mean to expose their tits or private part in front of other men. Haha..

Hmm.. and perhaps I will pay a visit to a couple of my ex-crushes’ houses to check out their bodies too!  But will spare those whom are already married; it just doesn’t feel right. Haha.

On a greater extent, I would travel to Japan and enjoy onsen (hot spring bath) with all the lovely, NAKED ladies! Haha.. Fantasy come true.

Clips below >>

Invisible boy in changing room

Invisible man groping woman

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