Young mums bend over!

Was outside a baby spa; looking at cute babies. And was fortunate to catch a couple of ‘good views’.
A young mother was bending over to pick up her toddler from the stroller. She was struggling and that gave me 6-7 secs for me to enjoy the view of her smooth cleavage. 
Then there was another young mum constantly in bend-over position facing us, while she played with her baby whom was in the tub.
Ahh… another nice view of the valley. That was like another half a minute or so.
The lady noticed I was stealing glances at her but she don’t seem to mind and continued nevertheless without adjusting. I like her openness.. LOL

Both are in early 30s and probably had B-cup tits. But since they score 7/10 for looks and have smooth cleavage, well.. I’m not complaining! =)

Accidental down-blouse similar to what seen

down blouse 1

downblouse 2

down blouse 3

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